Confession: I Don’t Like Having Sex {Rated M for Mature}

This post is rated M for Mature. If you don’t fit into that audience, I would graciously ask you to close out of this post, or click here to go to the post before this one.

How on earth does a woman with 5 children not like having sex?! Right? Glad I have your attention.

This is a conversation my husband and I have quite often. I don’t like having sex. But, to understand what I am saying, you have to understand what my view is. When I think of the word ‘sex’ I will admit that I view it as a worldly term. It does not really encompass all that is shared in a Christian marriage context. The word doesn’t really do it justice. Continue reading

Contentment, Cleanliness, and Creativity {Part 2}

Read Part 1 HERE!

For as long as I can remember, I have never been a crafty, artsy sort of person. The most ‘crafty’ I get is crocheting. I haven’t ever decorated our home or do cute little project with our children. It doesn’t come natural to me and I can’t say I actually enjoy doing those things. *gasp* I know. This week though, I think I’ve recognized the root of my lack of creativity. Continue reading

Contentment, Cleanliness, and Creativity {Part 1}

I remember being a camp counselor and telling our campers that “Godliness is next to cleanliness.” Obviously, we told them that to try and encourage them to keep the cabin clean! However, I have learned in the past week that cleanliness seems more closely related to contentedness in my life. Continue reading

Confession: I’m a Slob

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe, right? And even harder to read because, possibly, I’m not alone, and you too, are a slob. Ouch. It hurts to say that, doesn’t it? I know, I get it. I’ve been saying it to myself for a couple of weeks now, and I’m finally to the point where I can say it out loud to other people. But my hope? My hope is that I can recover. How? That’s what this post is all about. Continue reading

Fall Fashion with Lilla Rose! {A Mystery Hostess party and Fall Sale!}

Looking for some fresh, Fall fashion ideas? Here are some great ideas for you! Lilla Rose is having a Fall sale (more details at the end of this post!) SO! To make the deal even sweeter, I have opened a ‘Mystery Hostess’ party! Order during the sale dates (October 16-18) and you are entered in to win the hostess rewards!


Purples are one of my new favorite colors! I really love this color combination and this Flexi is a great addition!


This outfit is great with it’s neutral colors and splash of coral! From what I have seen (I’m not fashionista!) coral is another popular color this Fall!


Love the slip on shoes and the maxi skirt! You can find similar skirts at Deborah & Co (and they are on sale right now!) The bobby pins from Lilla Rose aren’t like ones you buy in the store. They are heavy duty and beautiful!


This is one of my favorite Fall Flexi Clips! The gold and reds are just gorgeous!


For the rainy days that need a little sunshine…. Love this outfit!

Again, Lilla Rose is having a 3-day Fall Sale! So, don’t forget to place your order through the  Mystery Hostess party! Place an order during the sale (October 16-18) and you can have the chance to win the hostess rewards! This would be a great time to start your Christmas shopping! 10% off of everything and 15% off of black, brown and brass styles! Have fun and get your flexi on! :)



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