When Life is Overwhelming

Somewhere in my mind, I thought that when I finally stopped running from my calling and started to embrace it, that life would get easier. I thought that I would feel less overwhelmed with life and have more clarity and focus. Instead, I have felt more overwhelmed with the task of motherhood. Continue reading

Contentment {Being Happy With What I Have}

A while back, I made a few purchases from the Ultimate Build Your Bundle Bundle – Homeschool Edition sale. Part of my purchase included ‘Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue‘ character curriculum. We are only on week two and I am already really enjoying it! It is simple, but powerful. My kids have really been learning and understanding through the short daily lessons. Continue reading

Terry Treetop Finds New Friends {eBook Review}

My kids LOVE books! I love books! When I was given the opportunity to review ‘Terry Treetop Finds New Friends I knew I wanted to take it! We downloaded this eBook to the Kindle cloud and read it on the Kindle app for our computer. I started reading it to one child, and all the others gathered around quickly!

Terry Treetop Continue reading

Why I Am Over Social Media

Let me count the ways…

1. It has the potential to steal your joy and contentment.

You lazily scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see pictures of food, vacations, home projects and smiling faces. If you are anything like me, the thought “It must be nice” has probably come into your head more than once. It must be nice….. to redo your kitchen, go on a beach vacation with no children, have dinner at a fancy restaurant (again, without children) or have the perfect children who are always smiling. And maybe, you are like me, and that is not your reality. Because of this, you become discontent with what you have. The joy of what you possess diminishes when you see your friend who has the latest iPhone. You’re feelings get hurt when you see pictures from the ‘Girls Night Out’ your ‘girlfriends’ had that you weren’t invited to. 

2. It can be a time waster.

Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter? You’re not liking or commenting on anything. You really have no purpose, you just feel bored. Or maybe you don’t want to do the task at hand so you ‘distract’ yourself with social media. Even though you aren’t really being social about it. Be honest. I do. I’ll scroll through and then just say to myself “That was a waste of time. Why did I get on here in the first place?”

As a homeschooling mom, I don’t have time for things that are going to waste my time. If it isn’t going to help me be more efficient in what I am already doing, give me a word of encouragement, or help me accomplish my goals for the day, I probably don’t need to be wasting my time with it.


3. My ‘friends’ think they know me.

While I post stuff on Facebook, I don’t live my life there. Most of my ‘friends‘ don’t even really talk to me. I always joke that people from high school want to be my friend because they want to see what I look like now. And that’s fine, whatever. But then you have the people, who think they know everything about you, because of the selected things you choose to share on Facebook. They think they know what is going on in your life, marriage, and with your children. While some people over-post, and maybe they really do live their lives on social media, I think we can all agree that it tends to be more of the highlight reel, than real life. We post what will get the most likes, or comments. We don’t post that we got into a heated argument with our husbands, or that we have epic fails as a parent. We post the ‘great times’ and let everyone think our lives are perfect or on the flip side, post our horrible ones and let others throw a pity party for us. Even though we all know better than that, see point number 1 for what happens when we believe everything we read on social media.

4. My affirmation and validation does not come from ‘likes’.

Right? As a blogger with a Facebook page, this one is a toughy. You see, the more people who like or comment on my status, the more people see it. Which is great, when you are promoting something, right? But then you have to ask yourself…. what if NO ONE likes this status? What if no one comments? Do I lose my sense of worth or likability? Do I think I’m a loser because no one liked the picture my kid colored for me, or no one commented on my deep status I shared? (By the way, I can’t take all the credit for this one. It’s one my husband brought up!)

I think if we are honest with ourselves, we will have a hard time with this one. I know I have often ‘shared my heart’ on Facebook, and it seems no one cares. The ‘likes’ don’t come pouring in, no one comments on how much wisdom and truth there is in my status, etc. In those moments, we need to ask ourselves why we posted in the first place.

5. I’m an over-analyzer.

When you have an analytical mind, social media is probably one of the worse thing for you. Why? Because not everyone says what they mean. They ‘vague-status’ and don’t really say what they want to say, but instead put up status that don’t real say anything specific, but lead you to believe that there is something deeper going on. Even if I don’t care, I sit there and think about what is going on. I over-analyze. It’s my spiritual gift, I can’t help it. ;) But really, this is probably one of the biggest reason I need to stay away from  social media.

With all of that said, I am not a social media hater, even if it sounds like I am. I am learning that social media has a very limited place in my life right now. As I am learning to embrace my calling and clearing out the clutter, some things have to go. Social media is on the top of my list. I have some obligations to fulfill which require me to have a Facebook page for, but I am looking to stick with my weekly emails and that’s it. Even though I have over 500 likes on my Facebook page, only about 10 people consistently interact with me. I don’t want to be discontent with that. I want to stay happy about that! Communication will just have to change from commenting on Facebook to commenting on the blog.

I’m not sure when I will make this a permanent change and actually delete my Facebook page, but I will let you know when it is ‘official’. If you would like to keep up, here is a form at the end of this post, where you can fill out your email address to get my weekly emails. They share what I’ve posted for the week, once a week (email goes out on Monday) as to not clutter your Inbox every time there is something new going on. I would love if you would join me via email, and take a break from social media! I don’t want to worry about who’s liking, sharing, or commenting on Facebook any more. So… make your icons on your phone do the jiggle, and click the little x and delete Facebook from your phone. *gasp* Yes. I said it. DELETE SOCIAL MEDIA OFF YOUR PHONE. Stop wasting time on things that don’t really matter, and start investing in things that have value.

How about you? How do you feel about Social Media in this season of your life?


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