Our Essential Oil Journey

Almost 2 years ago now, I got sick of being sick. It seemed we were on a rotation of 2 weeks sick, 1 week healthy! I have never been a huge fan of taking OTC medication or going to the doctor’s and getting an antibiotic. So we took the plunge and I became a distributor for Young Living essential oils. Continue reading

Manager of My Home

As a still-recovering-slob, I get the whole dirty house thing. I understand the ‘it-takes-me-a-week-to-clean-for-a-play-date’ freak out! I do, I promise. I’m not so far removed from my slobiness that I forget what that is like. I still have days like that.  So, no judging from me. I promise. But I also believe as women, we are the managers of our home. Continue reading

Lilla Rose Holiday Newsletter {Special Offer Inside}


 Hello and Happy Monday!!

I can not believe that I am writing up a Holiday Newsletter!!!! Where has 2014 gone? I don’t know about you, but this year has gone by way too fast! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and before you know it, Christmas will be here!!

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, and you begin your Christmas shopping, don’t forget what lovely gifts Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry makes for all the ladies and girls in your life! Great as stocking stuffers, for teachers, sisters, daughters, mothers, or even nurses! (Check out our badge holders!) This is a great time to host a party as well! You could receive 50% off items and free items when you host a party! 

Or maybe you are looking for ways to earn a little extra spending cash this year! You can join Lilla Rose for as little as $49.95 and earn 30% or more on all your sales! AND, it only requires $29 in sales each year to stay active! You can contact me with any questions you may have about joining my team! (gail@confessionsovercoffee.com)

Lastly, all orders between now, November 17th, and December 31st, 2014, of $50 or more, will receive a FREE gift from me! I will send you a Lilla Rose product of my choice! This is a sale for all new and current customers. It will be in conjunction with any offers made by Lilla Rose corporate between now and December 31st. Please feel free to pass this email along to friends and family who you think would enjoy taking advantage of my offer! (Or host a party and your guests can take advantage of this offer!)

As always, if you already have a consultant (and it’s not me!) please stick with her for your holiday shopping!

Thank you for being a Lilla Rose customer! You are all such a blessing to me and my family!


Confession: I Don’t Like Cooking With My Children {A Review}

Ahh, the wonderful room of our home that we call the kitchen. I love being in the kitchen! I love cooking and baking. I love having people over and feeding them! It is one of the places of my home I enjoy being in! But bring the kids in there with me….. Continue reading

Looking For Modest Clothing?

I think something most Christian women desire when it comes to clothing is modesty. While we all have our own convictions of skirts only, pants, length of shorts, etc. I think we can all agree that modest is dress is important. Obviously, modesty of heart, even more so. With that said, Deborah & Co. has a great line of modest clothing for women and girls. They also have a line called “Little Deborah” which is more than clothes, but also books and toys.

They are having a 2-day sale with the code NOVSHIP that will give you free shipping on orders of $75 or more! Here are some of the great clothing options you will find:

Grey Striped Knit Top & Perfect Pockets Skirt


Princess Play Dresses with matching Doll Dresses


Double Collar Tops

Rainbow Denim Skirt

Rainbow Denim Skirt

Navy Striped Skirt

Navy Striped Skirt


Make sure to check out Deborah & Co. to find more of their great selection including leggings, layering shells, maternity clothing, nursing covers and more!

Happy Friday!


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