Lilla Rose {Black Friday Party!!!}

I have made it no secret how much I just love Lilla Rose. Not only because of their beautiful hair jewelry, but also the company itself is really amazing. There are only a few direct sales companies that I can say that about, but I believe Lilla Rose is second to none! There Customer Service is amazing, especially when you consider their small staff at HQ!


Here I am wearing a Hairband that nicely doubles as a necklace! With the elastic bands, they fit all 3 of my girls and myself! I’d say this is one of my favorite product, but…. I really like so many of them! Normally I share nice, pretty, high quality photos… but today I’m going to share photos that have mostly been taken by my children (of me) or are my daughters. I’m just going to share the sizes with you under each photo.


Lovely You-Pins









1901698_807936442580875_5455210102837530198_nExtra Small

I must confess that I am not in love with the Flexi Oh. That really fits well for in-between flexi sizes, but my hair is just too darn thin to wear one! However, they are absolutely beautiful and I know a lot of my customers who really like them to simply replace their hair ties!


Lilla Rose also offers Bobby Pins (which I love! but have no pictures of me wearing them!), Hair Sticks, and Badge Holders! Something for everyone on your Christmas list!

For more of my current specials that I am running for this Holiday season, as a way to say “Thank You’ to all my current and new customers, check out this newsletter. If you need some more Lilla Rose inspiration, you can check out this post, and this post, and this post. :)

   Because of Thursday being Thanksgiving, the party link will officially be live on Friday and will go through until Monday. This will be a Mystery Hostess party. Any order of $50 or more will be entered to win the hostess rewards and will be chosen at random!

This would be a great time to get some early Christmas shopping done and have your products on time! Remember to shop this party link! Mark it on your calendar to come back and be a part of this event! Make sure you come back on Friday for all of the details!!!! You do not want to miss this!



Lilla Rose is SO awesome that they are letting us share the sale with you now! The prices will not be live until Friday, but this way you can plan to get up at 3 AM and order ;)


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