HUGE Lilla Rose Sale! 20% off EVERYTHING! Ends at 5pm EST!


Who doesn’t love a sale? Lilla Rose is having an AMAZING 20% off EVERYTHING sale! But it ends at 5pm EST! So don’t delay! This would be a great time to get some Christmas shopping done early or get your hair ready for Fall!

Do you REALLY love your Flexi? Do you want something that is flexible, where you can work your own hours, and do as little or as much as you want? For $49.95 plus taxes and shipping and handling, you can become a Lilla Rose Independent Consultant! Lilla Rose has been such a blessing in my life! Not only the extra income for our family, but also the friendships made through this amazing company! You can contact me for more information on becoming an Independent Consultant, or check out the site for more information! If you have any questions, just let me know!

As always, thank you for being a Lilla Rose customer! You are all such a blessing to me and my family!


Embracing Motherhood

This past week, I’ve talked about knowing your calling, and then accepting it. Today, I’m going to share a bit of my journey on embracing my calling. Accepting and embracing are two different things. I can say yes to something, but still not enjoy it. Often, when people ask us to help them, we say yes, but all the while, wish we would have said no and dread fulfilling our obligation to them. Continue reading

Saying ‘Yes’ To Your Calling

Most of us probably know our calling, but accepting it, is a whole different matter. The moment I said ‘I do’ the calling of wife was on my life. When my first child came into this world, motherhood was an added calling. Through our personal study of the scriptures, homeschooling became another calling on my life. But for quite a while, I’ve been running from it, not unlike Jonah. Continue reading

You Could Win a Free Nativity!

Mary & Martha is a company who offers beautiful home decor items, with a Christian message. I have really been loving their products, especially my coffee cup! From September 14-20th, they are offering consultants a free Nativity with a total of $500 in sales during those days. However, I would like to offer this amazing 12 piece Nativity to one of you!


So, how do you get the chance to win? I’m hosting an online party for all of my readers! You can join the Facebook event, to see more products throughout the week that Mary & Martha offers! From home decor, to coffee cups, to disposable trays (which are great for making meals for people!) and even beautiful aprons, they want to help you live in the ‘&’ of life!


For every $50 you spend through the party link, you will get one entry into the drawing for the Nativity! If you purchase the September special (picture below) you will get an extra entry. (So, two entries if you purchase the special since it is more than $50.) At the end of the party, I will use a random system to pick the winner!


Again, please join the Facebook Event page so that you can see all the other wonderful things Mary & Martha has to offer! I hope we can generate enough sales to bless one of you ladies with the Nativity set! :)

First Things First: Know Your Calling

If you’ve been around this past week, you’ve probably learned of my divine revelation I had. While that is what I call it, I already knew most of it. It was more like an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment where everything clicked and I just knew the Lord was speaking to me. Since that day, I’ve had to make some tough decisions. I’ve had to give some things up and re-prioritize. Continue reading

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