Calories In, Calories Out

Yesterday started out bad. I said I was going to choose joy. And then my day got worse. Let’s just say, they weren’t some of my best moments.
Then this analogy came to me:

When you want to lose weight, what is one of the first things you do? You go to some website that is going to tell you have many calories you should be eating a day. You go to the old “calories in, calories out” method, right?

But I think there is spiritual application here, so stick with me. What happens if you don’t eat enough calories? Your body goes into starvation mode. Everything that goes into your mouth, your body holds onto because it thinks it starving. Eat too many, and it makes it difficult to lose the weight.

I don’t know about you, but I use a lot of spiritual “calories” on a daily basis. But, am I taking in enough to sustain what I am doing? My answer to that is probably not. I need to be taking in more of Jesus so I can give more of Jesus. When I’m taking in a small amount of “calories” but I am using a large amount, I start to live in the flesh instead of the Spirit.

Is this making sense to you?

The only difference is I can never be too full of Jesus. Too much of the Word will never make me “gain weight.” Instead, I believe, it will help me find freedom. On bad days like yesterday, my intentions were good! Right? But I didn’t have the strength (spiritual “calories”) to really fulfill my duty.

Just like we need to eat throughout the day, we need to be refueling spiritually. I know that I need to take out more time during the day to pray! Maybe everytime I’m in the bathroom (you know, the only *almost* quiet time you get as a mother!) to pray.

I hope this encourages you today. Sometimes the spiritual weight we carry is so much heavier than the physical weight! In our quest for health, let’s remember it starts with the heart!

Be blessed,


Fit for Worship

If you have read yesterday’s post, I said I was going to make a little video to share, and I was able to do that last night! I am really looking forward to this journey God has me on.

Fit for Worship…. that is what this is all about. Physical health is important and well all know that, right? But how often do we let our physical override the spiritual? My goal, through RevWell training is to truly be able to reach the heart of people through fitness. This is really leadership training using fitness as its vehicle.

Without further ado, here is my video:

Again, thank you for watching and praying for me. If you feel led to support financially, please use the friends and family option on PayPal. My email is or you can always buy a shirt! These racerback shirts will only be available for 9 more days!


Happy Friday, and be blessed!


The Homeschool Mom’s Bullet Binder!

I know there hasn’t been a long, drawn out build up of the planner I’ve been working on (planner is used very loosely! ha!) but it’s here! I’m sure as time goes by and I get some feedback I will be adding and changing things!


Because it is way too much to type, I decided to create a video for you to explain how I am going to use it. But please remember, this is a pretty simple, basic ‘planner’ and I want you to use it the way that makes most sense to you! It does follow a bullet journal style, so if you don’t know what that is, here is a video you can watch to help you understand it!

And, I am doing this from my iPad and am still trying to figure everything out on here. A few months back my son accidently spilled water on our laptop and well… may it rest in pieces.

So, I can’t figure out how to imbed the videos but there are two parts to the video because I couldn’t switched the screen view in the middle of the video.

So, here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.

I get my binders and tabs from Amazon. Please also note this is not “professionally” made. I did create it myself for personal use and for other homeschool moms who just can’t find a planner that they like! I also kept in mind that it would be a printable, so I tried to keep pictures, borders, and backgrounds to a minimum as not to use all of your printer ink!

This pdf is available for only $5! It is for personal use only and cannot be sold after purchase. Please do not share with your friends, instead, encourage them to buy their own! After you order you will be redirected to a new post that will give you the pdf download! :) Order buy clicking the “Buy Now” button below! Enjoy, and thank you!

P.S.  Since the original posting of this, I realized I made my calender with 4 weeks instead of 5, that has been changed! :)

Thirty-One {Guest Post}

I first saw a catalog quite a few years back, I think it was sitting on the desk at work. So as I drank my coffee on my “ten” I thumbed through. There was some cute stuff! But man, the prices were a little steep.
Fast forward to married ten years with three kids and one more almost here . . . a few of my Facebook friends had invite me to online parties. I thought, “Wow that stuff is cute. I have some baby money, maybe I’ll get a couple things for her.” I filled my cart and began to check out.

Then it never came. Hmmm, I checked in with the friend I had ordered through. Well, apparently I had major #pregnantbrain and never actually placed the order! Alright . . . Then we go a few more months and I have a $100 gift card for my birthday. I start thinking about those cute bags and how I could get things a little more organized. Especially after the great purge we had before moving to the middle of the country.

Well, I was pretty close to using all that card with the things I wanted, so I decided to just dive in! The best deal you can get is the Enrollment Kit – some consultants call it “Kitnapping”. Well, here’s the thing – I am NOT a salesperson. I tried a couple things and I am just not. BUT I can do anything for a little bit of time. And this company has an amazing program when you just get started!

So getting back to that price point . . . a friend of ours in Nepal told me his father used to say, “We are too poor to buy cheap stuff.” I have learned that lesson over and over as “cheap stuff” has broken, failed or just not lasted very long – I think I have finally mastered it!

When my kit came I was blown away by the built, material and care of the pieces. On top of that there is a 90 day guarantee on every product. And yes, I had to do this with one item, so I got to experience the great customer service and support us Independent Consultants have. I have also heard some great stories from customers as well. They call it “pink glove service”.

When I hit my monthly sales goals, I got even more amazing products for FREE! Well, I was hooked. And then I fell in love with the supportive women, sisters, on my team and the company that truly does right by their consultants and hostesses!

Once I had decided I wanted to give it a go long term, I’ve continued to find out even more amazing things. Like the incentives they constantly have for their consultants, and yes in those first few months I was able to “double-dip” in earning rewards. Of course the hostess benefits are amazing, but they don’t forget about the party guests either!

Each four to six weeks there is a new customer special. The month of May is in my top three of awesome products! The Large Utility Tote – which has a ton of uses – and the Stand-Tall insert that goes inside (this was offered back in December as strictly a hostess special).

The Large Utility Totes are wonderful for all sorts of things. You can check out my Pinterest board just for the LUT. But here are my favorite uses:

  • Reusable Shopping Bag – These are SO much more sturdy than the typical bags you can buy and the wire around the top helps it stay open and keep it’s shape.
  • Toy Storage – I love that they have long straps for the kids to carry them to whatever room or if they are going somewhere and we need toys I just pop a lid on and we are ready to go! And of course I can just tuck the straps in when they are on the shelf.
  • Luggage – These with the lid are so much more practical for us on road trips. They stack in a modular style and the kids can rip things apart looking for what they want easier than in a traditional piece. Also when they are in the back of the car and you need to dig for something the lid makes it much more accessible.
  • Beach Bag – Or whatever outing you are doing, you can fit SO much inside that it make day-tripping super easy!
  • Direct Sales Bag – If you are in any kind of direct sales that you have products and things to take with you, this makes a great open bag AND you can get your unique words embroidered! 
  • A Toy – Yes this doubles as a ship, a turtle shell and all kinds of other imaginative things.
  • Trunk Organization – We all have stuff we keep in our car, this can help it not end up all over the place and with a lid, it can stay in one place!

Good news! Gail is having a party on Facebook this week! You can join us Monday night (5/4), 8:30cst for a “live” event. Or stop by sometime this week to see what else we have to help you get organized. We will be having a few drawings, so RSVP and then we will see you there! You can start your wish lists here and come ask your questions in the Facebook event.

If you want to get in on earning some free product by hosting a party or want more information joining my team just email me! I would love to see how we can help your family thrive!

Sara is a work at home mom to four blessings and support to her husband who is a teacher. She loved creating, experimenting and learning – whether it be food, health or crafting. She is navigating her family through healthy frugality – trying to THRIVE, not just survive. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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