• Pregnancy + Baby

    Baby Items To Make Life Easier With 2+ Kids

    must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids

    Each time we found out that our family would be growing, my mind would start working out how to juggle one more. I started scouring Google for must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids. I found a lot of helpful things but I also figured out a lot of things on my own with some trial and error. Efficiency really is key when you have 2 or more kids. Especially when they are close in age like mine are. So I’ll cut right to the chase. This list is chalk-full of my necessities for at home or on-the-go with multiple children and I hope you find it…

  • Cooking With Joanna

    Magnolia Table Cookbooks: One Recipe At A Time

    Cooking my way through Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table Cookbooks

    Okay everybody, I don’t think I could be any more excited to make this announcement! I’ve decided that I’ll be cooking my way through Joanna Gaines’ two cookbooks Magnolia Table and Magnolia Table, Volume 2 and posting about each recipe all the way through: one dish at a time! Follow along as I share my food adventures! I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who wasn’t totally in love with basically everything Joanna Gaines touches. Have you? She’s so incredibly talented! From her eye for Interior Design to her humble and grace-filled example in Motherhood, she’s simply amazing! Her cooking is no exception. Not only are her recipes absolutely…

  • Coffee Talk

    ‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful

    I love Christmas! I mean, doesn’t everyone? But since having kids, it’s only gotten sweeter and sweeter. This time of year makes me feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people and things I hold closest to my heart. But this year it seems especially concentrated for me for a lot of reasons. The other day, (as I was doing research for a round up post I’m working on) I ran across another blogger’s website. To say I was affected by this incredible woman is an understatement. This woman… this mother… tore my heart into a million pieces with her story. On Christmas Day 2019, she put her 3…

  • Homeschool,  Printables

    Awesome Free Alphabet Flashcards Printable!

    Free ABC Flashcards Printable

    We love flashcards in our house! When I introduced them to my son for the first time, he took to them immediately and kept asking if we could do more flashcards over and over again! So, after seeing how well he took to them, I jumped at the chance to make my own for him. These Awesome Alphabet Flashcards were just the ticket and I’m now making this printable FREE for my readers! One of my favorite parts about starting Pre-K homeschooling is figuring out how Jack loves to learn! Finding out what works and what doesn’t for him is setting the tone for the many years of schooling ahead…

  • DIY

    Mom Hack: Turn Your Kiddie Pool Into A Sandbox

    Two Boys playing in a sanbox kiddie pool with sand toys

    The boys have been asking for a sandbox for quite a while. It’s been on our list of things to get them but we’ve just not gotten around to getting them one yet. So, when Ben came up to me the other day asking for a sandbox (yet again,) I thought… “Now why can’t we just turn the kiddie pool into one?” It’s not gonna get used this time of year and it only cost me like, what? $8? Heck yeah! My husband was all over it and pretty much immediately ran out to Home Depot to grab some Play Sand! I told him to get 1-2 bags and he…

  • Recipes

    The Best Quick and Easy Red Beans and Rice

    I blame it all on my roots. But unlike one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs, I showed up in Mardi Gras beads with these Quick and Easy Red Beans and Rice! My mom was born in New Orleans and her Cajun roots run deep. She comes from a family of amazing cooks where recipes and food traditions were passed down through the family and taught to the next generation. As a matter of fact, my brothers and I each still make my Pop’s Gumbo from the turkey carcass the day after Thanksgiving and call my mom for tips or recipes we’ve forgotten. I definitely owe my love for cooking…

  • Family

    It’s Vegetable Picking Day!

    There’s just something special about Vegetable Picking Day. The satisfaction that comes in being able to go outside, pick the food that’s been growing with a little sunshine, water and TLC is so fulfilling! Also, the fact that picking their own veggies, for some reason, makes my kids want to eat more of them isn’t so bad either! Any other gardeners out there find the same thing with their kids? I guess, when they are able to see the end result and pick the food themselves, it makes them just want to dig in! This is huge for me! Especially because Ben is not much of a vegetable eater. So,…

  • DIY

    DIY Egg Cup Pin Cushions

    Okay people, this is BIG! My very FIRST confession! After all, this is “Confessions Over Coffee,” right?? So here it goes……… drumroll please………. I don’t actually know how to use a sewing machine! Gah! Of course, I own one, but I don’t know how to work it. And here I am posting DIY Egg Cup Pin Cushions? The nerve. Honestly, it’s been on my list of things to learn for years but who has the time? I actually really like sewing by hand though. I sewed my first son’s entire cowboy costume by hand the night before Halloween when I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second son.…

  • Pregnancy + Baby

    7 Tips to Help Public Breastfeeding Anxiety

    I love breastfeeding. I absolutely LOVE the bond that I’ve been able to build with all three of my babies through it, how they get everything they need from it for so long before they start solid foods and do SO much growth from my milk alone. It’s simply a beautiful thing. There is so much I love about breastfeeding but let’s not forget to mention how convenient it is! Being able to feed my little one anytime and anywhere is just a perfect design… BUT… there was a time with my first son when it wasn’t all roses. That’s where my past with public breastfeeding anxiety comes in and…

  • Homeschool

    Beginning Our Homeschool Journey

    This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. It may sound funny, but even before I had children I always knew I wanted to homeschool my kids someday. It was an opportunity I wish I had growing up. I struggled through school because I was insecure, afraid to ask questions , and if I couldn’t do something absolutely perfectly, I didn’t want to try at all. High School was just survival mode. I craved to have that one-on-one Homeschool environment and I didn’t even know it at the time. I feel so incredibly grateful that I get to give this opportunity to my kids and…