Homemade Natural Bug Spray

DIY homemade all natural bug spray recipe on Confessions Over Coffee Blog

I know, I know, we’re nearing the end of mosquito season and I’m posting a Homemade Natural Bug Spray recipe? In my defense, IT’S AN AMAZING BUG SPRAY!!! And if you’re like me, I’m not sure it matters much what time of the year it is… they just love me… the REALLY love me! *queue walk off music* “Someone get her off the stage!” But really, this bug spray is an Academy Award Winner of Bug Sprays. Someone should make a trophy in it’s honor and present it to yours truly.

The best things about this bug spray are:

  • It’s All Natural
  • Can Be Made Organic
  • Made with Essential Oils
  • Super Easy to make over and over again
  • Budget Friendly
  • Smells Amazing
  • Actually Works Like a Dream!
  • 100% Kid Friendly

Speaking of Kid Friendly… it’s probably my favorite thing about this Bug Spray Recipe! If you’re like me, you just hate putting the gross chemically stuff on your kids. The thought of it seeping into their skin, ingesting it or breathing it in just makes me cringe! That’s the entire reason I started researching and creating this recipe. I’ll admit I was a skeptic at first that anything else could do the job as well as the big brands, but I was very happily proved WAY wrong! Not only does it work like a charm, but it smells amazing too! Win. Win.

So, People that know me know that I used to do a lot of craft shows. Like, a ton. I LOVED doing craft shows. I loved talking to people, setting up, being outside all day under my tent, having some “me time,” being able to sell my products and make some side money for my family. And at those craft shows, THIS bug spray was one of my best sellers. I actually still get emails from people asking if I still make it because it was the only all natural bug spray option they have ever found that actually works AND it’s safe for their kids too! So, this one’s for you Craft Show People!

Homemade Bug Spray Recipe



  1. Combine all ingredients in a 2 cup measuring cup
  2. Whisk to fully incorporate
  3. Pour in a Fine Mist Spray Bottle
  4. Make a cute label on your Cricut or label maker (optional)
  5. Make sure to shake well before each application

It’s THAT simple!

There are links included in the recipe above in case you need some good quality recommendations (or if you just don’t want to leave your house because it takes way too much to get the kids out of their PJ’s and you just decide to reap the benefits of the glory that is Amazon Prime instead) but most of these things can also be picked up at Target or your local grocery store. Just make sure you get a colored bottle because colored bottles help keep the integrity of the essential oils. Also, make sure its plastic because…. kids. They break everything, amiright? Plastic also makes it easy to just throw in your purse or diaper bag and use when you’re on-the-go.

I truly hope you love this Homemade Natural Bug Spray as much as my family and I do and I hope it saves you and your littles from many itchy days and nights! Thanks for reading!

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