Beginning Our Homeschool Journey

This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. It may sound funny, but even before I had children I always knew I wanted to homeschool my kids someday. It was an opportunity I wish I had growing up. I struggled through school because I was insecure, afraid to ask questions , and if I couldn’t do something absolutely perfectly, I didn’t want to try at all. High School was just survival mode. I craved to have that one-on-one Homeschool environment and I didn’t even know it at the time. I feel so incredibly grateful that I get to give this opportunity to my kids and that I get to share with you as we are beginning our homeschool journey!

Homeschool workspace with a desk and astronaut poster. Star wallpaper

Let’s get one thing clear- I’m no expert. As a matter of fact, I know a lot of other Moms who homeschool their kids and have for many years (quite successfully) who are totally killing it! Homeschooling is just something I am passionate about and I’m sharing in my journey to give my kids the best homeschool experience and education possible. I’ll be sharing my successes… and also my utter disasters! Here’s hoping there aren’t too many of the latter.

So, Jack is my oldest. He’s 4 1/2 and the only one of my three that I’m homeschooling right now. And guess what? He absolutely LOVES it! He actually asks me, “Mom, can we do more learning?” It’s so sweet and I’ve seen so much growth in him already since we started!*PROUD MOM ALERT!* I know it’s just Pre-K but when your kid starts school for the first time (in any way they do it) it just feels like something HUGE. I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but I’m also the biggest cheerleader for this kid ever and love watching him grow. Isn’t Parenthood just the MOST bittersweet thing to ever exist? I could do a whole post on just that. I think I might have to. All. The. Feels. All. At. Once.

Alright, alright… back to homeschooling now that I’m done sobbing about how quickly my kids are growing up… okay…

One of the first things I’m learning about homeschool is how important it is to make it feel like “school” as much as possible so they aren’t missing out too much in that aspect. So, I got Jack some pencils, crayons, markers, paper, scissors, a pencil sharpener, and a really cute backpack to put everything in. His little brother wants that backpack so bad. Oh! And I can’t forget my favorite thing! These little beauties are so amazing for helping little hands learn to hold their pencils correctly. I LOVE them!

Jack Homeschooling and working in his workbook. Learning to use a pencil the right way.
Look at this little dude totally crushing it! *tear*

As far as homeschool curriculum goes, there is just so much available these days even compared to just 10 years ago. It can be a bit overwhelming. So until I have the time to do all the research and really dive into everything available, I started with something simple. I got a Preschool Workbook and this thing is so awesome! It mainly covers shapes, letters, coloring, numbers, tracing, and matching. Tracing is Jack’s favorite! He’s now drawing shapes with his chalk all over the concrete outside and he’s so proud of himself! I just love seeing that little dude’s self-confidence grow! This book also has a big emphasis on following directions which is great. All of our kids could use that right?

For Science, we are doing this Caterpillar to Butterfly Garden Kit that I will do a separate post on another day. So cool! Now THIS is the kind of stuff I get REALLY excited for! Getting to think outside of the box. Maybe we’ll take a picnic to the park to do homework and release our butterflies, or skip school altogether one day because it’s just too nice out and make it up later, or add something into the curriculum because one of them is going through a phase of being interested in something in particular… the list goes on! Oh! The possibilites! These are just some of the reasons I personally get excited about beginning our homeschool journey! So, here we go!

Thanks for coming along with me and thanks for letting me share my passion!

Do you homeschool your kids? What tips do you have? Any curriculum recommendations? Please feel free to share in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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