It’s Vegetable Picking Day!

There’s just something special about Vegetable Picking Day. The satisfaction that comes in being able to go outside, pick the food that’s been growing with a little sunshine, water and TLC is so fulfilling! Also, the fact that picking their own veggies, for some reason, makes my kids want to eat more of them isn’t so bad either!

Jack and Ben on vegetable picking day in the garden with freshly picked carrots and big smiles on their faces!

Any other gardeners out there find the same thing with their kids? I guess, when they are able to see the end result and pick the food themselves, it makes them just want to dig in! This is huge for me! Especially because Ben is not much of a vegetable eater. So, any tricks that get him to eat more veggies… are two thumbs up in my book!

It's vegetable picking day here in our household. Here is Ben in the garden looking for more carrots to pull up.

Jack and Ben absolutely love going out to the garden to pull a beet from the ground or pop a cherry tomato off the vine. They get SO into it!

I’ll never forget the first time they saw a carrot come out of the dirt. They were absolutely amazed! The excitement on their faces was simply priceless as they ran up to me with their freshly pulled carrots and Jack said “Mom! We just got this from the GROUND!” I realized right then, that they were totally right! It truly IS an amazing thing! What a beautiful design.

vegetable picking day and Ben is in the front with his freshly pulled carrots and Jack in the background with his huge carrot!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget about the little joys. It’s a part of what makes Parenthood so special for me. Being able to watch my kids discover and find excitement in the small things. It helps me slow down and let my heart be filled in an otherwise really busy and sometimes stressful day-to-day.

I love letting my kids teach me all over again how amazing the simple things in life are. If I take a break to enjoy those little things… that’s ok. So, cooking and cleaning can wait… and pulling a carrot from the ground with my kids becomes a magical moment.

Our pickings of carrots for vegetable picking day sitting on our cutting board.

Something I never want to forget, is that I never want to be above learning from my kids. I’m sure they don’t know they’re teaching me anything but they have so much to give. I’m so grateful for something as simple as Vegetable Picking Day to help remind me of these things and more grateful than they might ever know for my kids who continually teach me just as much as I teach them.

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