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Baby Items To Make Life Easier With 2+ Kids

Each time we found out that our family would be growing, my mind would start working out how to juggle one more. I started scouring Google for must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids. I found a lot of helpful things but I also figured out a lot of things on my own with some trial and error. Efficiency really is key when you have 2 or more kids. Especially when they are close in age like mine are.

So I’ll cut right to the chase. This list is chalk-full of my necessities for at home or on-the-go with multiple children and I hope you find it helpful!

must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids

Pack N’ Play

More than likely, a Pack N’ Play is something you already have. Maybe you got it for your first baby thinking you would use it as a bassinet or travel crib… Both good ideas. But when baby number 2 or 3 or 4 (etc.) come along, it’s a great way to keep baby safe when you have to walk away. There are always those times when you have to help your big kid on the potty, take a shower or make some lunch and you need to be able to have options to put your baby down somewhere you know they will be just fine for a few minutes. And here’s your solution! Just add some of baby’s favorite toys in here and you’ve got yourself some hands free time while knowing that baby is safe and sound.

Laura from Lala To Mama says she even got a second one and put them at different places in her house where she knows she will need some hands free time. Genius!

Baby Bath Seat

For me, this baby bath seat is a MUST for giving 2 (or even all 3) kids a bath at the same time. It’s absolutely essential for efficiency. You don’t want to be splitting up bath times and spending hours doing it in shifts. With this bath seat, it made it easy to give the boys AND the baby a bath in one tub! I ditched the baby bath tub as soon as possible and replaced it with this!

Baby Carrier

Another absolute MUST for me has always been this Baby Bjorn baby carrier. It’s been my ride-or-die basically from day one with my first baby and only became more and more helpful as we grew our family. Having the baby strapped on, my middle son in the front seat of the cart and my oldest either walking or sitting in the cart is my grocery store strategy with 3 kids. But it simply wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for this little beauty! Of course there are tons of baby carriers out there to choose from but this is my all-time fave! My babies are happy, comfy and the ease of getting it on and off is key.

Baby Items for 2+ kids
This photo was taken when Claire was 6 days old!

Sound Machine

A sound machine has always been something that’s essential for me even with just one baby. But my friend Lindsey over at Probably Overthinking It didn’t take full advantage of hers until her second baby came along. To have that sound machine blocking out noise does feel especially crucial when you’re spending so much time putting baby to sleep and it not be totally ruined by a toddler meltdown… or two… or three…

Double Stroller

I really like this double stroller. I initially chose this one because it’s compatible with my very first infant seat that I liked and is pretty affordable compared to others on the market. The stacked style as opposed to the side by side double strollers are way better (in my opinion) because they don’t take up as much sidewalk space and can easily fit through doorways with room to spare. It’s also lightweight which is so important getting it in and out of the trunk of my car. I was still able to get it in and out with ease being 9 months pregnant with 2 toddlers in tow!

Activity Center

Another option for being able to put your baby down somewhere safe while you tend to your other kids, is an activity center. There are lots of good options for this and I’d be lying to say that I didn’t (at one time or another) have all of them! My first son was crazy about the jumper. I mean really… he would jump for so long that he would fall asleep in it! He just loved it!

The other picture/link above is a walk around activity center. This is not the one that I personally have. I couldn’t find mine anywhere as it was really a hand-me-down toy from my husband’s sweet cousin. But this is the closest thing to it and the same idea. Baby gets to be safe and sound while walking around the activity center playing with all of the toys. And when your baby starts walking and doesn’t want to be confined to the seat anymore, you can take the seat part off and just use the activity table part for her to walk around and still play. Perfect.

There is also the exersaucer that’s a Mommy favorite everywhere. I know tons of people that love this one. My girl Clarissa over at Modern Hipster Mama is particularly huge fan!

3 Across Car Seat

I did a ton of research on 3 across car seats when I was pregnant with Claire. We now have a mini-van (woot woot!) but at the time we just couldn’t swing getting a new car. I knew my only option was to get car seats that would all fit side by side in our Santa Fe. This Diono Radian RXT came up over and over and over again in my search and for good reason! These puppies are the best! They are nice and heavy and just scream quality. I also found that just 2 of them fit so nicely next to a regular (non-slim) infant car seat and was very pleased to know I could still reuse my regular infant car seat I used with my boys and not have buy a slim one just to fit 3 across.

Baby Items For 2+ Kids
Baby Items For 2+ Kids
He was so excited about this car seat that I could barely pry him out of it so I could put it in the car!

This seat also comes in the little more affordable Diono Radian version. Just know it’s more meant for slightly older kids and doesn’t have the head supports on the sides. Still a great option though! I went back and forth and ultimately went with the RXT. I have younger kids that still fall asleep on a 15 minute car ride and it makes me feel better to know they have the head supports when they need it.

A Good Diaper Bag

I’ve gone through a few different diaper bags over the years but this Jujube Tote is probably my all-time fave. If my kids were grown and didn’t require me to bring a diaper bag anymore, I would probably still be using this diaper bag! I love that it’s made with vegan leather so it can get wet and it’s totally fine, looks like a regular purse and it’s HUGE! It also holds up really well. I’ve had mine for over a year and still looks as good as the day I bought it.

I’m also adding this backpack diaper bag. They can be incredibly useful when you have your hands full. My friend Melissa over at Mom Outside The Box says, “I found that a backpack diaper bag was incredibly useful with multiple kids as you have your hands full and can just throw it on your back even if you are baby wearing in the front.” Totally true!

ABC Mouse

Get 30 Days Free of! -Get 30 Days FREE!

I’ll be honest, TV is a life-saver some days. When the baby is crying cause she needs a nap and the older kids won’t stop fighting/asking for food/taking their clothes off cause they wanted to wear shorts and not pants on a freezing cold day and all you’ve been trying to do for 3 days is fold the load of laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer… ABC Mouse is a really great alternative to TV or games on the iPad to keep them occupied for a little while. The kids totally love it and a lot of people don’t realize how affordable it actually is! You can get a FREE 30 day trial by clicking the image above OR you can get a YEAR for $59.99 by clicking this link! Both such great deals and honestly totally worth it!

I hope you found this must-have list of baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids helpful and thank you to all of my Mom Blogger friends for contributing! If you’re expecting a little bundle soon, you might also like My Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist . Be well Mamas!

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