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    Baby Items To Make Life Easier With 2+ Kids

    must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids

    Each time we found out that our family would be growing, my mind would start working out how to juggle one more. I started scouring Google for must-have baby items to make life easier with 2+ kids. I found a lot of helpful things but I also figured out a lot of things on my own with some trial and error. Efficiency really is key when you have 2 or more kids. Especially when they are close in age like mine are. So I’ll cut right to the chase. This list is chalk-full of my necessities for at home or on-the-go with multiple children and I hope you find it…

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    7 Tips to Help Public Breastfeeding Anxiety

    I love breastfeeding. I absolutely LOVE the bond that I’ve been able to build with all three of my babies through it, how they get everything they need from it for so long before they start solid foods and do SO much growth from my milk alone. It’s simply a beautiful thing. There is so much I love about breastfeeding but let’s not forget to mention how convenient it is! Being able to feed my little one anytime and anywhere is just a perfect design… BUT… there was a time with my first son when it wasn’t all roses. That’s where my past with public breastfeeding anxiety comes in and…

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    My Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

    If there was one thing that I looked up with every single pregnancy as I neared that 40 week mark, it was an ultimate hospital bag checklist. It’s amazing how those instincts just kick in to get things prepared for the baby coming any day and it’s also amazing how much you forget from one pregnancy to the next and have to do your research all over again! So, I thought I should write out my list while my youngest is still so little and since I went through it not too long ago. “Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m an over-packer.“ It’s true. I’m just that kind of person who…